Simplify boot2docker Configuration on OSX by Azri Jamil

After installing Boot2Docker using installer tools, run below post installation command.

docker run --rm -v ~/:/target nematix/boot2docker-tool && source ~/.profile

It will automatically configure docker and boot2docker to run along with the extra features.

You can use docker-enter straight from your terminal without using ssh into boot2docker host.

docker-enter web

Additional info can be access from here Github

Release of node-phonenumber 0.1.2 Are Available Through NPM by Azri Jamil

Release 0.1.2 have been available by today (11 July 2014) through NPM package or you can clone from my GitHub repository.

Basically nothing was change on the base-code, the true purpose of this release is to add the Apache 2.0 License attribute to the readme file to reflect the original libphonenumber licensing attribute.

Thanks to Lion Vollnhals on making remark on this issue.

Laravel Config Package Override in Workbench by Azri Jamil

This example show how to add config override of any package in others package or workbench. You have to put this code in your register method in you service provider.

// Get config loader
$loader = $this->app['config']->getLoader();

// Get environment name
$env = $this->app['config']->getEnvironment();

// Add package namespace with path set base on your requirement

// Load package override config file
$configs = $loader->load($env,'config','basset');

// Override value