3 Opensource and Free Delphi Component for MySql

A compilation of open-source and totally free Delphi component to access MySql database. All component are native and not needed extra driver or add-ins such as BDE or ODBC to run. Compare to VB or Visual C++, Delphi are still lack of database components available in the market.

1. Zeos Library Components for fast access to MySql, PostgreSql, MicrosoftSQL, Oracle and Interbase SQL servers without use add-ons, such as BDE / ODBC / ADO. Besides, the components - sources of data are compatible with standard TDataset and have a number of additional features. Open Source.

2. TmySql TmySQL provides access to MySQL servers from Delphi via a visual component and an extendable non-visual component. TmySQL utilizes a single client DLL, which is provided by most Windows-compiled versions of MySQL. TmySQL does not use the database aware components in Delphi, such as TDatabase, TQuery, etc. Open Source.

3. DirectSQL The main idea of the project is to have cross-platform (Windows+Linux) delphi native components for directly accesing SQL servers (without using any externall dll's). The first releas will be for My-sql and Interbase, but there are plans to be extendend. GNU General Public License.