Unification of The "Reactivator"

For last few year, i started to implemented the reactive programming into few of my projects with a different flavor like C#, ObjC, Swift and Java. From my experience in implementing the RP, its feel like filling the hole in your chest that already been there since the ancient beginning of the computer programming. There’s a thousand way that you can describe on the need to go reactive and why we need to embrace it.

Learning RP is a steep curve, and adoption speed is different for every language. I find that RP in Javascript(RxJS) & Java(RxJava) is easier to understand, especially if you came from Async programming background such NodeJS or Promise user in JS. But by having that, you will still lack of the basic fundamental behind this technology, because it’s more than the code itself, it have a different level of metaphor and perspective in understanding the working principle of RP. It will change you inner monster Imperative Behavior programming, everything will look awkward on the early stage on how you see the data flowing and branching, though it’s fun.

The most prominent moment in RP is while using it in C#, from there i learn a lot on the fundamental of the RP, getting in-depth view of the core implementation of it and renewing the inner spirit of reactive programming. And i can say it’s does solve a lot of my programming problem, although it’s introduce a newer set of problem. But it’s make you code clean and more readable, reduced invisible spaghetti link and easier to maintain.

The only thing that i want to see in the near future is.. I hope that community of RP programmer, libs provider and implementer started to discuss on the unification and standardization of the RP implementation such using common term/keyword and jargon on the code level such ‘Observable’, ‘Subscriber’, ‘Producer’,’Signal’ and others, despite the limitation on some reserved keyword or core library for some programming language. By narrowing this different i think i will speed up, the adoption rate of the RP from one language to another language.

For newcomer to RP it’s time to make a move, be reactive and don’t forget to sign the manifesto at reactivemanifesto.org, there’s a plenty of increasing RP resources available out there, plus a hyper-reactive community to help in your journey, good luck..

Adios, senor!